2016-17 Media Schedule for Upcoming Events
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All times are CST
Media Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   Opponent
Wed14:30 PMBaseball vs. Saint John's UniveristyLive VideoLive Stats
Wed16:30 PMBaseball @ Saint John's UniveristyLive VideoLive Stats
Thu91:00 PMBaseball @ Waldorf UniversityLive Stats
Thu94:00 PMBaseball vs. Concordia UniversityLive Stats
Fri104:00 PMBaseball @ Dakota Wesleyan UniversityLive Stats
Fri10Game 2Baseball @ Dakota Wesleyan UniversityLive Stats
Sat1110:00 AMSoftball @ University of Saint FrancisLive Stats
Sat112:30 PMSoftball vs. Judson UniversityLive Stats
Sat115:00 PMBaseball @ Southwest Minnesota StateLive Stats
Sun125:30 PMSoftball vs. Robert Morris UniversityLive Stats
Sun128:00 PMSoftball @ Purdue University NorthwestLive Stats
Mon1312:00 PMBaseball @ Augsburg CollegeLive Stats
Mon133:30 PMSoftball @ Purdue University NorthwestLive Stats
Mon138:00 PMSoftball vs. Huntington UniversityLive Stats
Tue145:00 PMBaseball @ Westmont CollegeLive Stats
Wed152:00 PMBaseball @ Benedictine University at MesaLive Stats
Wed15Game 2Baseball @ Benedictine University at MesaLive Stats
Wed155:30 PMSoftball vs. Huntington UniversityLive Stats
Wed158:00 PMSoftball @ Robert Morris UniversityLive Stats
Thu163:00 PMBaseball @ Illinois Institute of TechnologyLive Stats
Thu165:30 PMSoftball vs. Hope International UniversityLive Stats
Thu168:00 PMSoftball @ University of Minnesota-CrookstonLive Stats
Fri171:00 PMSoftball @ University of Minnesota-CrookstonLive Stats
Fri173:30 PMSoftball vs. Benedictine University at MesaLive Stats
Sat183:30 PMSoftball vs. Midland UniversityLive Stats
Sat18Game 2Softball vs. Midland UniversityLive Stats
Sat251:00 PMBaseball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Baseball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sat251:00 PMSoftball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Softball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sun2612:00 PMBaseball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sun26Game 2Baseball vs. Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sun261:00 PMSoftball @ Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sun26Game 2Softball @ Mayville State UniversityLive Stats
Sat11:00 PMSoftball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sat1Game 2Softball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sat12:00 PMBaseball vs. University of WinnipegLive Stats
Sat1Game 2Baseball vs. University of WinnipegLive Stats
Sun212:00 PMBaseball vs. University of WinnipegLive Stats
Sun2Game 2Baseball vs. University of WinnipegLive Stats
Sun21:00 PMSoftball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sun2Game 2Softball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sat82:00 PMBaseball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sat8Game 2Baseball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sat82:00 PMSoftball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sat8Game 2Softball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sun91:00 PMBaseball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sun9Game 2Baseball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sun92:00 PMSoftball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Sun9Game 2Softball @ Dickinson State UniversityLive Stats
Wed124:00 PMBaseball @ Concordia College-MoorheadLive Stats
Fri142:00 PMBaseball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Fri14Game 2Baseball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sat1512:00 PMBaseball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Sat15Game 2Baseball vs. Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Mon172:00 PMBaseball @ Presentation CollegeLive Stats
Thu202:00 PMBaseball @ University of Minnesota-MorrisLive Stats
Thu20Game 2Baseball @ University of Minnesota-MorrisLive Stats
Sat221:00 PMBaseball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sat22Game 2Baseball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sat221:00 PMSoftball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sat22Game 2Softball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sun2312:00 PMBaseball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sun23Game 2Baseball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sun231:00 PMSoftball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Sun23Game 2Softball @ Dakota State UniversityLive Stats
Fri282:00 PMBaseball @ University of JamestownLive Stats
Fri28Game 2Baseball @ University of JamestownLive Stats
Sat291:00 PMBaseball @ University of JamestownLive Stats
Sat29Game 2Baseball @ University of JamestownLive Stats
Sat291:00 PMSoftball vs. University of JamestownLive Stats
Sat29Game 2Softball vs. University of JamestownLive Stats
Sun301:00 PMSoftball @ University of JamestownLive Stats
Sun30Game 2Softball @ University of JamestownLive Stats